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 Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed)

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Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) Empty
PostSubject: Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed)   Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 6:49 am

Heyy this is my second guide and it will be showing you how to get up herblore, as you see in the title you need farming to actually get hold of the herb. So go to the skilling area (skill in mage book) and trade the skilling shop. Also buy vials of water while your at the skill shop (500 will be plenty)

I did this using only 3 different types of seeds, the first on is Guam (this is where farming comes into it)
Buy the Guam seed and run to the farming spot just northwest (or tele hunter and run down). Use the guam seed on the tree patch.
Pick the herbs 1 by 1 and clean them the ammount of herbs you get per seed varies. You get a low ammount of exp from cleaning herbs but you get a large ammount from making the potions.
Do guams from level 1-38 (shouldnt take longer than 5 minutes)
Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) 20070517202949764x504

At level 38-81 do Rannars into prayer pots (also come useful in game)
Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) 20070517203548764x504

From 81-99 use Torstol seeds to make zammy brews (can only be bought in donor shop) this is a fast way to 99 herblore (i also came out with 37m farming exp from 14m when i started) YOU WILL NEED 85 FARMING TO FARM TORSTOLS
Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) 20070517203930764x504

Okay so it took me around 45 minutes - 1 hour to reach 99 herblore which isnt too bad. In my opinion the fastest banking method is running north to the bank at the hunter spot.

Congratulations if you get 99 Smile the cape looks cool and its also a good thing to have for the highscores!
Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) 20070517204506764x504

More Guides coming soon Comment and rate so i can improve my future guides. If you feel there needs to be a video Comment and i will be sure to try and make one as soon as possible thanks. Nwo
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Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed)   Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 7:01 am

another good tutorial Smile

Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) Imager Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed) M75o47
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View user profile https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEvoRecords?feature=mhee

Herblore Guide 1-99 (farming needed)

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