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 Rules of FuzionX

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PostSubject: Rules of FuzionX   Rules of FuzionX Icon_minitimeSun May 01, 2011 5:08 am

The Forum Rules of FuzionX

Global Rules:
All posts should be made in the correct section.

The forum Staff will not allow no flaming at all. This includes server updates, the server itself, the staff, any other member of FuzionX, or rival servers. If caught flaming, the forum Staff will give TWO infractions or ban you. We're not going to allow any of this crap on our forums anymore. We are ONE community, and we will be ONE community.

Remember to always use the search button before posting a thread, the search button is located on the top right hand corner of the page. (Anywhere on the forums.) Remember to use it to make sure a thread such as yours has not already been posted.

The reputation button is not to be abused, no creating new accounts to allow yourself more points, or doing Rep4Rep w/ another person. Doing this will result in a ban from the forums for every account you had made and a reputation reset of the account that was given all the points.

Spamming is strictly against the rules, we do not spam here, and if you wanna spam somewhere, go to the 'SPAM' Section. For an example of spam it would be any of the following: Repeatedly posting the words "lolololol" or possibly even just posting a post that has no relation to the topic. "I love runescape, who's with me?!" (Spam to this thread would be): "Selling cheese blocks". Also includes one word posts. "Lol" Spamming will result in a post count deletion and/or infractions.

Act your age, if you're not of a high age, then act higher than your age. There is no reason for you to post if you don't like something, and ALWAYS take arguments into a Private Messages/Visitor Messages. Do not let yourself be caught flaming a thread, or a post, or a person! If done you'll receive an infraction, or a ban.

There will be NO account trading/buying/selling on these forums. So you can't sell your RUNESCAPE account for a SILABGARZA account. Or you cannot sell ITEMS for a SILABGARZA account, and you can't TRADE Accounts. This will result in a ban of both accounts in the game, and a suspension of 5 days from the forums. Notice that you can't sell RUNESCAPE Member PINS.

When Reporting a player, Appealing a Ban/Mute or Making a Moderator Application, use the right Format which are stickied posts in those Forum Sections. Making a thread without using the format will simply result by being declined. (NOTICE: When making a Mod App, if you do not have all the requirements, it is auto-declined.) When Reporting a player, you need solid proof. By solid proof I mean Video or Screenshot.

Don't post on a Donation thread that is not yours, or if it has nothing to do with YOU. Fractions will be given if you fail to obey this rule.

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Rules of FuzionX

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