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 Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining)

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Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) Empty
PostSubject: Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining)   Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 9:40 am

Smithing is another skill that people have been finding hard to level, most because of the time it take and some because you can only smelt one bar at a time (extremely annoying) but if you stick it out you can acheive 99 smithing like i did in a couple of hours Smile.
So start at skill teleport and buy a iron pickaxe to start (change to rune at 40, remember you need 40 att for rune so iron is best for skillers).
The rocks are just on the outside of the skilling room to the east.
Your smithing level should just about be above your mining level as you go.
Smithing level 1-15 (full invent will get you higher)
Start of by mining copper and tin (14 of each should do).
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231520764x504

Then run east until you see the furnace.
Once you are at the furnace with 14 tin and 14 copper click on the furnace and click the bronze bar (this is the annoying part) you can only click it once then you will have to click the furnace again and again -.- (the make 5,10,x dont work. Feel free to put into suggestions for zim and chris Very Happy)
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231600764x504

Run back towards the rocks and you will see an anvil (you do not need a hammer).
Click the bar on the anvil and make 10 Bronze nails (easier because they stack so no banking, only does 5 bars at a time)
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231616764x504

Smithing level 15-55
Mine iron the same as before and take it to the furnace and make iron nails on the anvil.
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231629764x504
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231654764x504

Smithing level 55-75
This is when you start to mine mith. To start off at level 55 i dont think you are able to make mith nails until level 56 or 57 so make a couple of daggers and that should be sure to get you on your way. The technique is still the same.
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231739764x504

Smithing level 75-85
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231832764x504

At this level the same goes for nails as the last just make a couple of daggers to gain the levels to be able to make the nails. Adamant ore is mined quite fast (bare in mind for mining later on/my next guide)
Smithing level 85-99
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517231840764x504

Okay now this is where it starts to drag out, bare it in mind that youve been mining, clicking the furnace and running back and forth making nails worth less than leather gloves -.- Okay when you are mining the rune rock it takes a long time (longer than addy) this gives you a chance to be watching television while its mining but yeah still takes a while. Still run to the furnace and click 1 by 1 and make nails (very very very simple skill, requires time and patience)
Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) 20070517232245764x504

If you have got 99 Smithing Congratulations i hope my guide helped make sure you leave a comment so i can improve my next guides thanks. Nwo
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Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining)   Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 4:51 pm

yay gz to nwo for making another guide lol rep+

Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) Imager Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining) M75o47
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Smithing Guide 1-99 (includes mining)

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